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URUGUAY: Not only Football!!!

Uruguay is well known for its almost legendary football, but did you know that this country, lying between two big nations to the south of Latin America, is also considered one of the best places in the world to live, work and do business? Not only was Uruguay the host of the first ever World […]


Although this article and TV show looks at Uruguay from a traveller’s (and food guru) perspective, it also gives some indication as to what foreign residents love about the country. What attracted them in the first place and why they love to spend their time here… «Welcome to the tiny, overlooked but enchanted land of Uruguay, one […]

Uruguay ; the suggested «off the beaten track» tour

In this recent article, The Culture Trip suggests some of the recommended beaches and places to visit while in Uruguay. For residents and expats, these are some of the best kept secrets they get to enjoy year -round. «Uruguay is tucked away between Brazil and Argentina on the eastern coast of South America. It’s a […]

Uruguay; compared to its neighbors, according to @TheEconomist

Picture by Drone 5 (https://www.facebook.com/Drone5Uruguay/) The Economist’s view of Uruguay’s recent economic and growth perfomance, and how it decoupled from Argentina and Brazil, once again brings focus to its relative attractiveness for investors looking at the region. When deciding to buy a house in Uruguay, international buyers rely on these publications to help them make […]

Montevideo, Uruguay, TOP city in the Quality of Living City Ranking

QUALITY OF LIVING CITY RANKING MERCER’s Quality of Living Ranking just came out. This ranking and its underlying research assists multinational companies to compensate expat employees fairly.  Taking into account 39 factors affecting the quality of living, South America’s top 5 cities are Montevideo, Uruguay (77), Buenos Aires (91), Santiago, Chile (92), Brasilia, Brazil (108) […]

Uruguay: the least corrupt country in Latin America

When we ask foreign buyers as to what attracted them to our country; we get a range of varied answers. However, a common key factor is that they carefully researched Latin American countries looking for the safest, least complicated and “freest” country in the region, and Uruguay always shows up among the top ranked democracies. […]

House Hunting in … Uruguay (@nytimes)

Every year, in January, the New York Times International Real Estate section  features an article about «House Hunting in… Uruguay», featuring a luxury home in Montevideo or Punta del Este. Sometimes they quote our partners at Bado y Asociados Sotheby’s International  with one of their listings, and this year they featured a property listed by […]